Moving forward with COVID-19

Putting People First

Due to the rapidly evolving situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to give some clarity and reassurance on how we intend to operate for the foreseeable future.

OSIL will continue to operate at full capacity in order to support you on a day-to-day basis. We are aware of the strain being felt across the waste industry, as well as many other industries, as changes in operations begin to take effect. We are here to support you in what is sure to continue to be a very challenging time, the team at OSIL understand how difficult it may be to maintain business as usual.

We are and will continue to offer full project support for all our schemes, including essential service visits. Our engineering team are fully briefed and trained on ensuring the safety of the site staff and themselves during these visits which is always of the utmost importance to us.

OSIL will continue to offer our full suite of sampling, surveys, testing and analysis services.

As a company, we have implemented a new, robust strategy for day-to-day operations, ensuring we will be able to continue supporting you throughout the complications of the coming months.

The OSIL team are working from home and our office in a split working pattern.

If you need to contact OSIL you can still do so on either our office main line or on the mobile/email details, you already have.

We would encourage you to arrange for project related meetings to be held by online video conferencing or via telephone conference calls.

All site activities and services will be maintained with safeguards on social distancing being observed.

We remain committed to supporting you and our lines of communication are open.

Keep safe and best regards.

John Geary         and        Matt Wilkes

Managing Director          Executive Director

OSIL rapid response service team complete critical carbon change

OSIL were awarded the emergency changing of carbon media inside two carbon filters that serve the Thermal Hydrolysis Plant at a Thames Water site.

The existing media installed on site was under performing to significantly reduce the sulphur compounds that are treated by the odour control plant. After undertaking a system survey OSIL recommended the use of our CuCarb® media which is more suitable to the sulphur compounds produced by the Thermal Hydrolysis Plant.

Despite another significantly large carbon media change being undertaken during last week, OSIL were able to complete the works ahead of schedule and program the changing on the filters last Friday (23rd) much to the satisfaction of our customer.

Now the new CuCarb® media is installed the odour control system carbon filters are fit for continued service, OSIL will record a routine sulphur compound emission test within the next 2 to 4 weeks so that the future serviceability of the installed media can be assessed.

Ken Cockram Retires

Ken Cockram, (Proposals Manager) retired the end of June after 8 years service with OSIL.   Ken introduced some very useful procedures to the Company.    We will all miss him, but hopefully he’ll pop in and see us from time to time.    Enjoy your retirement Ken.

Ron Hayden & Bill Thompson join OSIL

We are pleased to welcome new OSIL team members Ron Hayden & Bill Thompson in the role of Service & Maintenance Engineer and Project Engineer respectively.

The company has continued to grow in regular service & maintenance of odour control systems across the waste water industry, the appointment of Ron & Bill will further provide OSIL with the best service for our customers in the treatment of odours.

Ron has over 30 years experience in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Bill is a very experienced design & product engineer and both new members will no doubt add to our hard working team here at OSIL as well as enhance our current portfolio of odour control processes.

Welcome Ron & Bill, here’s to a long & successful journey from all of us at OSIL!


Achilles UVDB Certification

We are pleased to announce for the third year running that OSIL have been awarded the Achilles UVDB Verify Audit Certification, Category B1, achieving an amazing 100% in all four categories!   We are all proud to be part of such a fantastic result.


How OSIL Solved South West Water’s Odour Control Problem at Mill Bay

How may you ask did OSIL solve the problem that South West Water were experiencing with their odour control system at Mill Bay?

Well firstly, SWW came to the right place.  Odour Services International Ltd has years of experience in this specialised industry.

Initially a site visit and an examination of the existing vessel was required. Using an endoscope to inspect the vessel internally, our investigation showed damage to the vessel’s media retaining basket, which unfortunately, due to the confined building access to the existing filter, it was found to be more cost effective to provide a new process unit.

Our experienced team of Engineers completely removed the existing rectangular OCU system, disposing of the ducting, vessel and media in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

New ducting, control dampers and a new circular deep bed adsorption Cucarb OCU were installed, giving an improved energy efficient unit with the advantage of considerable space savings within the building and providing safer/easier access to the station room and equipment.

The installation was completed in an efficient and timely manner ensuring Health & Safety was adhered to at all times. Our Project Manager informed SWW on every aspect of the installation and on completion an Operation & Maintenance Manual was provided and training given to the SWW Engineers.

The plant is now fully operational and achieving the required emission standard required by SWW.

OSIL attends 2017 British Water Charity Golf Day

OSIL attended British Water’s Charity Golf Day, supported by Water Active, on 29th June at Luton Hoo Hotel Golf and Spa Resort.

This year’s Winning Team included Roger Tucker from Viking Johnson, Matt Rolls representing Evoqua Water Technologies and our Neil Cunliffe and Matt Wilkes of Odour Services International Ltd.  This is the fourth year in a row that Matt, our Executive Director has been part of the Winning Team.

Congratulations to Neil Cunliffe the OSIL Regional Service Manager on winning the Individual Prize Shield.

The event raised over £1,100 for two charities: Water Aid and Water for Kids.

We look forward to competing again in 2018.

Water Aid ( was started around 30 years ago.   They have gone from strength to strength to become one of the most respected Organisations dealing solely with water, sanitation, hygiene issues and reducing poverty globally.


Water for Kids ( established in 1996.   They are a small Charity which provides safe water for communities, especially in Uganda and Zambia.   They help to dig wells, protect water sources, build latrines and carry out hygiene education.

OSIL complete odour control system media changes for Wessex Water

Even the infamous ‘Storm Doris’ that moved rapidly over the UK on Thursday February 23rd was unable to keep OSIL from completing the media change works on schedule much to the satisfaction of Wessex Water.

OSIL were awarded the changing of carbon and shell media at several sites within the Wessex Water north, south and west areas.

The existing activated carbon media installed on various sites was under performing to significantly reduce the site odours that are treated by the odour control plant due to the deterioration of the carbons adsorption capacity.

OSIL’s media removal team were able to complete the odour control system media changes within 1 week, this was accomplished by using disab vacuum technology to remove existing carbon and shells from the odour systems, after checking the structural integrity of the system housings new carbon and shell media was refilled with the aid of a HIAB truck and Ainscough crane hire for the larger shell media works.

All of the old activated carbon media taken from the odour systems is recycled at a regeneration plant. The environmental impact is very low and completely green in the regeneration plant as all the energy created in the plant is reprocessed elsewhere on the site. All of the old shell media is taken to a composting site within Wessex Water and after going through the composting operation the final product is taken down to clay pits in Cornwall and used as regeneration compost.

Now the new activated carbon and shell media is installed, the odour control systems are fit for continued service.

OSIL achieve highest accreditation score with Achilles UVDB Verify Category B1 todate

Achilles – UVDB – Verify Audit Certificate 2017-18

Odour Services International Limited (OSIL) are pleased to announce that it has been awarded an Achilles UVDB Verify Category B1 Accreditation for the second year in succession.

The accreditation was awarded following a rigorous independent audit and evaluation of our Head Office and Site Management Systems and Procedures for Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ).

OSIL are delighted with the Achilles UVDB Verify assessment scores which are our highest todate:

In the In-house Management System Evaluation, we achieved:

  • 97% for Health & Safety
  • 89% for Environmental
  • 100% for Quality

In the On-site Assessment, we achieved:

  • 96% for Health & Safety
  • 100% for Environmental
  • 100% for Quality

OSIL have retained its accreditation with an excellent overall score of 97%

John Geary, Managing Director of OSIL said ‘We are extremely pleased to retain the Achilles UVDB Verify Accreditation for a further year, particularly as we have achieved an overall score of 97% which is our highest todate.  This is a major endorsement of our in-house systems and procedures and a huge complement to our staff who implement them daily in every aspect of our business’.

OSIL awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

OSIL ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Approval

OSIL are pleased to advise that we have successfully achieved approval to ISO9001:2015. OSIL received accreditation from LRQA on 23rd January 2017. This accreditation certifies OSIL’s quality management systems under the terms set out under United Kingdom’s Accreditation Service (UKAS).

The accreditation was the result of a thorough quality assessment at OSIL’s head office in Cannock, Staffordshire. Our robust management systems have proven to be a valuable business tools in the management of risk, bringing consistency to our operations and assisting in delivering change and driving improvement. Any customer of OSIL can be confident that you have a proven and reliable partner to deliver your project.

Managing Director of OSIL, John Geary said “Achieving Approval to ISO9001:2015 is the accumulation of some very hard work and dedication by the team here at OSIL. I am delighted that the Company has received this major quality approval from LRQA.”

Emergency ductwork repair works completed

As all good emergency works are required OSIL received a request late last week to urgently repair ductwork that had significantly split on a large odour control system in Thames Water. The split had occurred at a segment joint of the 1 meter diameter 90 degree bend. The case of failure was due to ductwork being misaligned and strained into position during original installation by others.

OSIL responded to the urgent repair request immediately and the service team were mobilised within a few hours with the appropriate plant, tools & materials required to complete the repair.

Photos of the repaired ductwork beforehand, in progress & completed can be seen below:

IMG_3194Ductwork repair - EmergencyRepaired ductwork

OSIL complete installation of new odour covers & doors

OSIL have completed the installation of new odour covers & doors at Slough Sewage treatment works.

Prior to the install odours had been able to escape from various areas on site without going through the treatment of an odour control system, now that the new covers are in place the odours can be treated to avoid airborne pollution and achieve 99% removal through the existing odour technologies.

OSIL complete extension & re-siting of odour control ductwork for Thames Water

Congratulations to our hard working site team was well earned this past week, OSIL were awarded the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of the substantial extension & re-siting of ductwork on a process critical odour control system for Thames Water.

The newly sited ductwork route was undertaken by OSIL engineers to facilitate the incorporation of additional plant items on site for Thames Water.

In addition to the duct extension & re-siting, OSIL also provided additional supports for the ductwork with Thames Water providing the newly cast concrete plinths in advance.




OSIL attend British Water’s Annual Charity Golf Day

It was a successful third year running for one of our directors at the British Water’s Annual Charity Golf Day at Bowood Park Golf Club in Wiltshire.

Matt Wilkes has been part of the team that has won the team prize for the last three years with the added bonus of securing the individual prize shield this year as well.

This year’s team was made up from Sue Robertson (representing the Disabled Golf Association, Andy Ridout of Advance Training & Recruitment (Services) Ltd., Jason Powell of Haig Engineering and our own Matt Wilkes of Odour Services International Ltd.

The day is organised by British Water to promote their chosen charities, this year supporting Water Aid ( and the Disabled Golf Association (, and to provide a networking opportunity for the golfers taking part in the day.

Ten teams competed for the team cup with prizes awarded for the best individual, nearest the pin, longest drive etc.

The event raised over £2,000.00 for the chosen charities!

Read further about this great occasion & how you can also can get inolved


OSIL complete time critical weekend carbon media change

The first weekend of July was a busy one for the OSIL site team as they carried out a carbon media change at one of the UK’s leading food companies after media sample & analysis determined the deterioration of the carbons adsorption capacity.

OSIL programmed & delivered the time critical work all within 2 weeks from order, due to the client’s small shutdown window in production OSIL were able to adapt to the request & carry out the carbon media change during the weekend allowing no interference for the site odour control when production restarted today.

Now that the new carbon is installed the on site filter is fit for continued service with an approximate media life of 3 to 5 years expected, as part of our service OSIL will record a routine VOC emission test within the next 18 to 24 months and new samples taken for analysis so that the future serviceability of the installed media can be assessed.

Neil Cunliffe joins OSIL

OSIL are pleased to announce that Neil Cunliffe has joined us in the role of regional service & maintenance manager.

The company has continued to grow in regular servicing of odour control systems, Neil has a wide range of experience in having previously worked with Thames Water for over 30 years. His process knowledge and his experience in managing sewage treatment works, will be invaluable in offering our client’s a complete and efficient service plan for their odour control assets.

The benefits of planned service and maintenance

OSIL believes the key to achieving optimum operating efficiency is underpinned by a planned, routine Service and Maintenance regime.

In addition to performance related benefits, customers embracing this service have seen significant cost savings and improved relationships with regulators, local authorities and nearby residential areas.

Planned maintenance programmes are designed to ensure that any potential problems are dealt with before a crisis occurs, ensuring customers benefit from a reduction in the number of reactive call outs.

Planned maintenance programmes are designed and scheduled to meet individual customer requirements and can incorporate compliance and environmental services through real time monitoring.

The frequency of visits (weekly, monthly or quarterly), schedule of works and cost are agreed in advance. We strongly believe that a planned service and maintenance programme will pay for itself many times over in the reduction of repair costs and added longevity of plant equipment.

One of the key benefits of planned maintenance is the ability to schedule works to an agreed plan to minimise disruption to your business.

OSIL has national coverage by skilled, multi trade and specialist operatives and approved contractors to ensure that your planned maintenance programme will be completed on time and to the agreed budget. We strongly believe that our Planned Service programme will pay for itself many times over in the reduction of repair costs and added longevity of your equipment.

Benefits of Planned Service

  • Peace of mind
  • Expert technicians at your service
  • Maintains energy efficiency
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Reduction of major repair expenses
  • Prospects equipment warranties
  • Discounted pricing
  • Price protection
  • Priority scheduling
  • Releases front-line foremen from major planning duties and allows them more time to supervise their crews.
  • Provides procedures to plan, execute, monitor and control maintenance resources.
  • Reduces delays in waiting for men, material, tools after a job is in progress.
  • Provides procedures to implement and continue a PM program.
  • Provides a communication link between maintenance and operations.
  • Allows hourly employees to be 100% work loaded.
  • Performance reporting allows upper management to judge system and maintenance progress.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Provides a tool for operations to assign priorities.
  • Reduces emergency breakdowns.

Read about our service and maintenance work at the largest sewage plant in Europe:

‘WIL-KO’ ready for big bout


OSIL Project Engineer Matt Wilkes spends most of time during the week helping clients to combat odour and air pollution. But, on Saturday, he will be hoping to benefit from a few fresh air shots himself when he takes to the boxing ring for the first time.

After three months of rigorous training Wilkes, 27, is set to slug it out over three two-minute rounds with fellow engineer Richard ‘Minky’ Heath in the Staffordshire leg of the Zero to Hero white collar boxing event.

‘Will-KO’, as he likes to be called, took up boxing to get fit and overcome the anxiety issues that dogged him in his early 20s and he hopes to take inspiration from the Froch v Groves fight he attended at Wembley earlier this year.

Given the fact he is about to put his reputation on the line in front of 2,500 spectators at Aldersley Leisure Centre in Wolverhampton, Wilkes is remarkably laidback about what lays in store.

“We’ll have the Olympic head guard on so you can still get smacked in the face but you’ve still got some protection,” said the fearless OSIL fighter.

“I’ve never been in any kind of fight before so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on in a controlled and safe environment.

“As to boxing in front of huge crowd I feel pure excitement, the adrenalin on the night I’m sure is something I will never forget and to box in front of my family and friends is going to be quite the achievement, I just hope to do them proud.”

View Matt’s full profile here

OSIL Complete South West Water Refurbishment Works

OSIL have completed odour control refurbishment works on several sites within South West Water.   The works included both shell and carbon media changes.   Removal of the old faulty existing Control Unit, irrigation pipework upgrade, modification of the existing ductwork and stack and installation of a new Cucarb® Deep Bed Filter.

Marcus Rose and Ron Hayden were the Engineers on site.

OSIL also provided full training to the Site Operators