LEV & GEV Surveys

Our experts can provide the required Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and General Exhaust Ventilation (GEV) surveys for your workplace, to ensure that your systems are working effectively, meeting your statutory obligations.

Exhaust system surveys are required to ensure that you are maintaining a safe working atmosphere for your staff, as well as that pollutants aren’t creating a nuisance for the surrounding area.

OSIL’s expertise in air flow and pollution makes us the perfect team to accurately conduct both LEV and GEV surveys and provide you with certification that they’re compliant with the required standards.

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LEV vs GEV – What’s the difference?

LEV & GEV are two different approaches to handling ventilation.

Local Exhaust Ventilation extract pollutants from their sources to a central point via ductwork where they are dealt with centrally.

General Exhaust Ventilation allows emitters to exhaust pollutants into the main facility. The dust, heat and other pollutants are then extracted centrally.

Whichever system your building uses, regular surveys are required to ensure they’re performing correctly and safely.

To book your survey, or to get more information, contact one of our team now.