How OSIL Solved South West Water’s Odour Control Problem at Mill Bay

How may you ask did OSIL solve the problem that South West Water were experiencing with their odour control system at Mill Bay?

Well firstly, SWW came to the right place.  Odour Services International Ltd has years of experience in this specialised industry.

Initially a site visit and an examination of the existing vessel was required. Using an endoscope to inspect the vessel internally, our investigation showed damage to the vessel’s media retaining basket, which unfortunately, due to the confined building access to the existing filter, it was found to be more cost effective to provide a new process unit.

Our experienced team of Engineers completely removed the existing rectangular OCU system, disposing of the ducting, vessel and media in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

New ducting, control dampers and a new circular deep bed adsorption Cucarb OCU were installed, giving an improved energy efficient unit with the advantage of considerable space savings within the building and providing safer/easier access to the station room and equipment.

The installation was completed in an efficient and timely manner ensuring Health & Safety was adhered to at all times. Our Project Manager informed SWW on every aspect of the installation and on completion an Operation & Maintenance Manual was provided and training given to the SWW Engineers.

The plant is now fully operational and achieving the required emission standard required by SWW.