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OSIL are a truly independent company delivering tailored odour and air pollution control solutions for over a decade, focused on providing ‘Solutions’ for our Client’s individual requirements as opposed to ‘packaging’ into particular technology offerings.

Our award winning links to academia ensure direct access to the leading minds, latest methodologies and best in class university facilities and support.

Diagram of a Lavarock FilterWe lead through innovation, creating solutions including:
• Real Time Monitoring
• Biogas enhancement technology
• Biofilter analysis, performance and rescue
• Dual media / technology combinations in one


OSIL’s proven in-house teams of Process/Mechanical/Electrical and Project Delivery Engineers are complemented by in-house steel and plastics fabrication and modular designs, ensure excellence in project delivery with reduced interfaces to manage, and a competitive offering due to in-house capabilities.

We focus on creating long-term client relationships based on partnership, innovation, collaboration and trust, committing to support you throughout the full life-cycle of the assets we deliver through tailored service and maintenance and expert advice.

Want to find out how we can help you? Call us on +44 (0) 1543 506855 to talk to one of the team.