OSIL complete odour control system media changes for Wessex Water

Even the infamous ‘Storm Doris’ that moved rapidly over the UK on Thursday February 23rd was unable to keep OSIL from completing the media change works on schedule much to the satisfaction of Wessex Water.

OSIL were awarded the changing of carbon and shell media at several sites within the Wessex Water north, south and west areas.

The existing activated carbon media installed on various sites was under performing to significantly reduce the site odours that are treated by the odour control plant due to the deterioration of the carbons adsorption capacity.

OSIL’s media removal team were able to complete the odour control system media changes within 1 week, this was accomplished by using disab vacuum technology to remove existing carbon and shells from the odour systems, after checking the structural integrity of the system housings new carbon and shell media was refilled with the aid of a HIAB truck and Ainscough crane hire for the larger shell media works.

All of the old activated carbon media taken from the odour systems is recycled at a regeneration plant. The environmental impact is very low and completely green in the regeneration plant as all the energy created in the plant is reprocessed elsewhere on the site. All of the old shell media is taken to a composting site within Wessex Water and after going through the composting operation the final product is taken down to clay pits in Cornwall and used as regeneration compost.

Now the new activated carbon and shell media is installed, the odour control systems are fit for continued service.