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Developing effective strategies for the management and control of air pollution is a key environmental challenge facing society today.

Blue chip companies in the Water, Waste & Recycling, and Food & Beverage and Process sectors looking for a cost effective, highly efficient and innovative solution to tackle this problem know they are in the safe hands of industry experts when they deal with OSIL.

We offer Dust Control, Environmental Conditioning, Ventilation, Ductwork, Fume Extraction and Covers – all designed in accordance with relevant European and British Standards – including WIMES and all other applicable codes of best practice – as part of our total solution package.



We offer the following equipment and systems


We offer a full design, fabrication and installation capability for retro-fitting or new build applications where odour and air pollution needs to be contained. Typical applications include: channels, tanks, sumps and pumping stations.

Dust Control

We can extract and contain airborne dust emissions through technologies such as: bag filters, reverse pulse jet cartridge filters, venturi separators and spray systems.

Fume Extraction & Treatment

Concentrator wheels, oxidisers, scrubbers and adsorbers are available as a means of dealing effectively with this problem.

Ventilation & Ductwork

Our cost effective design and delivery ventilation and ductwork service covers sizing, route, line and level, with particular expertise in cascading and introducing dilution air and heat recovery opportunities.

Environmental Conditioning

OSIL’s expertise focuses on delivering the required number of air changes per hour to keep the working atmosphere purified to the required level.

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