OSIL has a strong track record of independent scientific research to create market-leading air pollution and odour control products.

You can find some of our recent papers and presentations below:

Packing Materials in Biofiltration Systems

In this presentation, Dr Wan Li Low, Process Development Scientist at OSIL, sets out the properties of Woodchip and Pumice as packing materials in Biofiltration Systems and summarises the results of the research into their relative performance:

Read our White Paper: A Rapid Effective Method for Seeding Biofiltration Systems

The antisocial and health problems associated with odours from waste handling sites has led to the design of specialised biofiltration systems which use micro-organisms to metabolise malodorous compounds to less malodorous compounds.

This research investigates the development of freeze-dried alginate-immobilized cell beads into a commercially viable method to seed biofiltration systems.