Here is just a selection of the feedback that clients have given us about our work…

“Very comprehensive and professional progress update.”

Welsh Water – October 2022

“Huge thanks! OSIL have been quite impressive, I would just like to say a big thank you for all your hard work and efforts.

• Communication on progress and plans has been excellent throughout.

• Can’t fault timeliness.

• Superb attitude both onsite and off.

• Quick and efficient with documentation.

Cheers! Hope to see you again soon!”

Harri Davies (Mechanical Engineer) – JN Bentley – July 2022

“Matt and the Team provided a first class service with detailed clear and concise documents. All RAMS were excellent and the communication is second to none. Will definitely use again.”

Would you recommend OSIL for future projects: Yes

Richard Mullins (Project Technician) – Wessex Water – May 2022

“Thank you for a very well managed project – clear communication, timely response, fitting in perfectly with our shutdown plans and proactive engagement before, during and after the work. This has been an exceptionally smooth and straightforward project to deliver from the client side, so thank you for your work in achieving this. Well planned, well executed and communication has been spot on.”

Kenny Masters (Performance Manager) – Thames Water – June 2021

“From a site level perspective, It was a pleasure to work with Matt and team.”

Simon Mathias – Skanska – April 2021

Feedback from ThermoFisher regarding decontamination process : ” Hey Matt, it’s all gone very well. Topman & thank you and Matt (son) for all you work on this endeavour. Hopefully we can get to work together more in the near future!”

ThermoFisher – March 2021

“Professional Team”

Tofig Ganjiyev – Thames Water – November 2020

“Thank you and your staff for the flexibility shown to meet demand on site and for going over and above to help out, sometimes at short notice. Good luck for the future and I’m sure you’ll carry on the fantastic service you already provide for the OCU’s.”

Manzoor Hussain – Thames Water – August 2019

“We had an emergency and OSIL provided geat customer & engineering service, they worked extremely hard with utmost flexibility to fabricate the duct piece for us. The Engineers onsite were very safety conscious and completed the work in record time.”

Shahzad Mehmood – Supervisor – Severn Trent Water – August 2019

“Thank you for doing a marvellous job, looks impressive, additional support is brilliant. I had the feedback off the Site Technician and was informed the OSIL Engineers have conducted work in a very precise, mitigating risk and professional manner , well done to all and keep up with the good work.”

Severn Trent Water – July 2019

“OSIL’s communication with their clients is very good. They work independently and safely and are well aware of the Thames procedures”

Emma Philogene (Project Engineer) – Thames Water – December 2017

“For the record I have immensely enjoyed working with your team. They are not only experienced and knowledgeable, they are happy to share the knowledge! Rare! OSIL break the mould rather than shroud it and that promotes a high level of confidence in you.”

Eamonn Morrison – Viridor – November 2017

“The planning and comms for the works were excellent and the team worked well together, the challenge faced when the CIF tank media removal finally got underway was huge, every member of the team worked extremely hard until the task was complete. The works did over run due to the difficulty experienced during the removal of spent CIF media . All involved were clearly both experienced and knowledgeable but if asked a question they were unable to an answer one was sought and provided.”

Eamonn Morrison – Viridor – August 2017

“I found no problems with the installation, the work was carried out on time with all Health & Safety matters adhered to, your Engineers worked well with the local Operational Staff. A professional installation meeting all aspects of the engineering criteria for the installation. An excellent job and a thank you to all.”

Bob Smith (Assistant Project Engineer) – South West Water – July 2017

“When I spoke with Odour Services International I was also impressed by the professionalism of their staff. I met a number of project managers as they showed me around sites where they had addressed other odour problems. All of them understood the issues we were trying to tackle at our plant. They were able to provide valuable insight into a potential way forward taking into account the whole system; they did not approach this project merely to sell us a piece of equipment. They weren’t trying to sell us a technology, they were selling a sustainable solution.”

Chris Penn (Project Manager) – May Gurney Limited

“Odour Services International offered us a cost effective practical solution with a high level of industry expertise, design capability and customer service. Importantly, they backed this with a performance guarantee. In addition, the solution was required in a very quick delivery of three weeks which Odour Services International completed with time to spare, allowing us to meet our commitment to our local authority.”

Nick Berkovits (Senior Brewer) – Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd

“It has been a privilege working with the team from OSIL, thanks for the service provided and I know we will be working together in the future.”

Richard Dennett (Central West Operations Manager) – Thames Water Utilities Ltd

“I was very impressed with the professional way Odour Services International Limited approached and understood our need to prevent nuisance odours. I recommend Odour Services International to other companies looking to solve odour problems. They have thought about our problem, provided us with carefully thought through solutions and proved that they have the skills to deliver what they promised.”

Bob Waterson (Head of Special Projects) – Banham Poultry