Keeping a Lid on Bad Odours


OSIL’s deep expertise in odours and odour control means that we’re uniquely placed to deliver accurate and meaningful olfactometry – the measurement of odour levels.

It’s a useful tool to evaluate and validate odour complaints – or just to determine odour levels at various locations to understand the actions that may be required to comply with regulatory standards.

Olfactometry - Industry Leading Analysis

Industry leading analysis

After collecting air samples from key locations, we work with accredited laboratories to compare the samples with a baseline to identify the odour detection threshold.

This evaluation, following the Europe-wide accepted processes, provides an odour number that objectively determines the strength of the odour in the collected sample.

olfactometry - the measurement of odour levels.

Get more than just a measurement

OSIL’s huge expertise in odours means that, as well as accurately measuring odours, we’re uniquely placed to evaluate the results on your behalf.

Our deep understanding of odour control allows us to provide you with guidance on the test outcomes, and provide recommendations on effective corrective actions if they’re required. 5

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