Carbon Neutrality Innovations in Odour Control

Odour Control System

Carbon neutrality, or net zero carbon, means finding a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

There are several ways businesses can reduce emissions without affecting operations, but getting to net zero is a significant challenge, especially for manufacturers like us who have a lot of direct and indirect emissions.

Despite the challenges we face, we recognise our environmental and social responsibilities to reduce harmful emissions from our operations.

That’s why we decided to take action this year to significantly reduce our emissions, following successful pilot initiatives and in-depth assessments of where our emissions come from. This led us to develop a new operational approach.  

A new design and delivery approach

Our position as a manufacturer led us to the conclusion that the best way to reduce our emissions is to change our design and delivery approach to manufacturing and services, so that we and our clients benefit from our initiatives.

This is why we have adopted a new design and delivery approach which is designed to slash carbon emissions across our manufacturing operation and the lifecycle of our odour control systems. This will ensure maximum results are achieved.

Our initiatives include:

  • Creating a standardised product range.
  • Creating skid mounted systems to simplify build operations.
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling materials.
  • Early engagement to build net zero into initial designs.
  • Innovative use of technologies to increase efficiency with less energy.
  • Developing an asset light strategy for clients.
  • Developing eco-friendly servitisation plans for clients.
  • Banishing the use of harmful chemicals across all systems and maintenance.

Some of our clients, including Suez Recycling & Recovery Ltd, Argent Energy Ltd., and the majority of the UK Water Companies, are already benefitting from this new approach which is helping them meet their own environmental goals.


Our standardisation initiative led to the development of our Containerised Hi-Flow CuCarb Odour Control Units. These units are pre-built and are ready to use on-site immediately with no downtime and small emissions from setup.

Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle

This initiative includes refurbishing and moving redundant plant from one facility to another where it can be re-used, recycling airflow to get a more thorough treatment with the same units, and recycling carbon media so no waste goes to landfill.

We are also developing smaller, more efficient odour control systems that use fewer materials by engaging with clients to provide systems designed for operating conditions rather than theoretical bench studies.

Asset light strategy

This initiative allows our clients to acquire new, state-of-the-art odour control systems that make use of the most efficient technologies through a lease/hire initiative. This ensures they can invest in the greenest systems without breaking the bank.

Our lease/hire agreements have several financial advantages, including predictable monthly / quarterly payments, low interest rates, and tax and funding initiatives to reduce asset capital values on business books with offsets for tax initiatives.


We have developed servitisation options for our clients so that our products and services can be provided as a single integrated solution.

Services like maintenance, servicing, spare parts, emergency call outs, troubleshooting and upgrades can be provided as a service within a single contract. This reduces emissions by streamlining product care, service requirements and more.

Together, these carbon neutrality innovations can help your organisation slash emissions while meeting your odour control requirements. Contact us to find out more.