What Are The Best Odour Control Solutions?

Odour Control Solutions

To achieve a desired level of odour control it is necessary to select and size the correct odour control system, and the filtration technologies specified will determine what odours are removed and the removal efficiency.

Some of the best odour control solutions we offer include chemical scrubbers (ChemKlean®), biological (LavaRok®) filters, OdaCompact® systems, Hi-Flow CuCarb Units and Passive Filters.

When the correct filtration solution is specified, up to 99% removal efficiencies can be achieved in many applications. The best odour control solution to meet your requirements depends on the type and character of the odours you produce.

ChemKlean® (wet scrubbing)

ChemKlean® is the technology of choice for basic odour control applications because it’s simple but effective. Wet scrubbers remove odours from air gas streams using a chemical liquid absorbent.  

We can also specify multi-stage scrubbers. These can remove higher concentrations of odours as well as diverse odours like amines and mercaptans. Some multi-stage wet scrubbers use two or more liquid absorbents with different properties while others use a dry media filter for insoluble VOC removal and final polishing.

LavaRok® (biofiltration)

LavaRok® is a biological filter made from pumice stone. Microorganisms (bacteria) grow on the pumice stone to form a bio-film. The biology and ecosystem of the microorganisms can be designed to treat a wide range of odours.  

LavaRok® is a modern substitute for woodchip and shells in biofiltration, it promotes a diverse bio-film where good bacteria can flourish. LavaRok® also boasts a 25-year lifespan with low running costs and low maintenance.  

Tube vents and a passive filter

Passive filters are activated carbon-based odour control filters most commonly used to absorb vent gases from sewerage processes. They can absorb hydrogen sulphide and other noxious odours produced in sewage treatment.

We typically specify passive filters for storm, sludge, sewage and waste holding tanks, fume exhaust cupboards and pump sumps under positive pressure. We can also specify them for VOC removal in oil storage tanks.

These can be delivered in a range of construction materials and we offer a bespoke design service to suit your environment. Disposable or re-fillable filters are available – as well as a powered vent option.

Our Passive Filter Systems can even be disguised as trees, bollards and lamp posts where odour control is required in sensitive areas.

OdaCompact® (two-stage treatment)

OdaCompact® is an innovative odour treatment unit that performs two stages of odour treatment in a single tower. It combines LavaRok® biofiltration with CuCarb® dry media filters in a space-saving design. It’s chemical-free and low-maintenance.

In this system, the first stage is LavaRok® biofiltration where the microorganisms metabolise / neutralise odour compounds. The second stage is carbon filtration where the odour compounds are converted into non-odorous metallic compounds.

Whitlingham Combi System

CCU (Containerised Carbon Unit)

The OSIL Hi-Flow CuCarb Unit is a modular odour control solution capable of treating airflows from 6,000 to 45,000m3 /hr. It uses activated carbon adsorption with CuCarb® filters and it’s easy to service with straightforward media replacement.

This odour control solution is available to buy or rent from us and can be configured with a wide choice of ductwork as well as insulation. The units can also be stacked to treat more airflow. The biggest benefit to this technology is it treats large airflows with a proven media technology in a standard footprint. It’s a ‘ready-made’ solution.

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