Celebrating Clean Air Day with CO2 Removal Technology


Clean Air Day UK is upon us! What better time to build awareness of air pollution?

Every year in the UK, 36,000 deaths are linked to air pollution. Studies have linked air pollution to cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer. There is even evidence from the World Health Organization linking it to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

So, air pollution is bad news for our health. The good news is there are ways we can all tackle air pollution, like riding a bike instead of driving, being more energy efficient, and using fewer products manufactured using fossil fuels.

However, if we are to tackle the bulk of air pollution, the industrial and commercial sectors have a significant role to play too. This is where we come in.

Patented Technology for CO2 Removal

What if we could scrub CO2 and other gases like H2S from air gas streams?

Our Downflow Gas Contactor (DGC) Technology does just that. DGC technology has been validated for carbon capture and CO2 removal from gaseous streams. The gas utilisation of this technology reaches as high as 100%!

What does this mean? It means that DGC technology is highly effective at removing CO2 from air gas streams. Any air gas stream that needs to be emitted can be treated to remove a significant volume of CO2. This leads to less air pollution.

Producing cleaner air with DGC Technology

Downflow Gas Contactors separate CO2 and H2S from air gas streams. These gases are captured in an energy efficient way so they can be re-used in other processes or stored so they are isolated from the environment forever.


DGC technology consumes less power than alternative technologies and it has the advantage of enabling small and large scale carbon capture. This technology is scalable to deal with any air flow and systems stay affordable.

‘Clean air’ is air that has been treated so that it resembles normal air as much as possible. If your industrial or commercial operation produces gaseous streams packed with CO2 and/or H2S,  our Downflow Gas Contactor will treat them efficiently.

We can also assist if your city is suffering from high CO2 pollution from vehicles, once again our DGC Technology can help.

Celebrating #cleanairday

Clean air is important for us and our planet. #cleanairday is a great movement helping to reduce air pollution and spread awareness.

OSIL is doing its part to reduce air pollution with innovative air pollution scrubbing technologies such as the DGC technology covered here.   

OSIL can advise and assist on an Asset Light Approach for cost neutrality. Let’s celebrate #cleanairday by creating an efficient air pollution solution for your area together.