Servitisation and Financial Models for Odour Control Systems

Odour Control

When you buy plant outright, you are tasked with looking after it. This puts a barrier between you and the manufacturer, limiting the value you could get from working more closely with them to make your plant work better. 

A solution to this is servitisation, an asset procurement model where instead of buying assets outright, you purchase them with fully integrated services.

The simplest way to explain this concept is with an example. We design, manufacture and sell odour control systems. With servitisation, these products are available on contracts with monthly or quarterly payments and maintenance and servicing included.

This long-term relationship can benefit your business in several ways:

  • Cut costs.
  • Improve performance.
  • Keep your plant in working order.
  • Get access to upgrades and new innovations.
  • Get aftercare, including emergency call outs.
  • Spread the cost of integrated services with monthly payments.
  • Multiple finance models, including lease hire and lease purchase options.

The servitisation aspect of this comes from the integrated services, such as maintenance, servicing, spare parts, call outs, and so on.

With servitisation, you get the products your business needs and the services you want in a single integrated solution that works for you.

Who is servitisation for?

Servitisation is ideal for businesses that require a fully integrated odour control system, including predictive maintenance and service packages, to keep equipment running to optimum levels throughout its lifecycle.

The key feature of servitisation is that rather than just buy equipment outright, you get it looked after by the very experts who designed it. This ensures maximum performance and uptime, not to mention efficiency and reliability.

Traditionally, manufacturers focused on products with little thought given towards the significant value services can bring to customers.

By adding services to products, you get to acquire a state-of-the-art odour control system and get it look after by our experts. Everything can be integrated into a single solution so all you need to do is make your monthly or quarterly payments.

There are two main servitisation levels:

  • Basic aftersales — this typically includes predictive maintenance, repairs and condition monitoring.
  • Advanced services — this typically includes pay-per-use and hire contracts, integrated solutions, call outs and spares.

We can build a servitisation package that suits your needs. Everything will be included in a single contract for your convenience.

Lease purchasing and servitisation

Leasing and servitisation is a match made in heaven for pre-configured odour control systems. Our Containerised Hi-Flow CuCarb Odour Control Units can be purchased through a lease purchase and servitisation forms part of this.

Inclusive service and maintenance is a benefit of lease purchases, which provides a clear advantage over outright purchasing. Service and maintenance is offered to ensure these systems  maintain an optimal flow and perform as intended.

For standardised odour control systems, a lease purchase works very well because you have a route to ownership at the end of your lease agreement.

Servitisation is important for  odour control systems to ensure they function properly. These systems were designed by us, so we are the best people to look after them for you. A lease purchase will guarantee the quality of your odour control system.

Servitisation can also extend beyond your lease purchase agreement after you complete your purchase. This will allow you to maintain your odour control system for years to come, in line with the manufacturer standards that we set.

Lease hiring and servitisation

By its very nature, a lease hire agreement is a model of servitisation because you hire equipment on subscription. In other words, you pay to use equipment you need rather than buy it.

Additional servitisation features with a lease hire typically include repairs, parts, emergency call outs, servicing and predictive maintenance. Some or all of these can be included within a contract to ensure  your particular service requirements are met.

A lease hire is available with our Containerised Hi-Flow CuCarb Odour Control Units, which are plug and play odour control units that use dry media filters. They are delivered ready to use and can be setup on the same day for immediate use.

Containerised Hi-Flow CuCarb Odour Control Units can be used as standalone odour control systems for polishing another primary technology (such as wet scrubbing and biofilters) or as a standalone treatment system for off-gases.

By hiring this equipment, you get to use it for a period that covers your operational needs, and because service and maintenance is included, you don’t have to do anything but use it and make sure it doesn’t sustain damage in your care.

Servitisation opens the door to a long-term relationship

At OSIL, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art odour control systems that are used across most sectors. We can sell these outright, but we are much happier working with our customers to make our solutions work even better.

The odour control systems we manufacture work like clockwork, but our customers get much more from them when we provide integrated services like servicing, maintenance, monitoring and consulting. We will not only sell you an odour control system but create the best package of solutions that benefit your business.

Servitisation can include:

  • Service and maintenance
  • Call outs and repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrades
  • Odour monitoring
  • Odour control strategy
  • Troubleshooting/optimisation

You will only get this scope of servitisation with OSIL. We have designed our business model to move on from one-time investments to “lease of services”.

We can build a servitisation package that includes everything you need on a lease purchase or lease hire. Our design and build services give you a turn-key solution to your air pollution issues, or you can choose one of our containerised solutions.

We provide a complete product and service solution, allowing our customers to use one company for their odour control requirements.

We are focused on leading the market through innovation, collaboration, flexible finance plans and customer service. To find out more, we invite you to speak with one of our odour experts today about how we can help you.

The benefits to Lease Hiring and Lease Purchasing Standardised /Containerised Plants

The Benefits of Lease Hiring and Lease Purchase

OSIL offers a range of standardised / containerised odour control solutions that are ‘plug and play’ and ready to go. These solutions enable rapid deployment with significantly less engineering time while delivering incredible performance.

We offer you three ways to buy containerised plant: 1) Outright purchase, 2) Lease purchase, 3) Lease hire. Options 2 and 3 are the most popular because they offer flexibility with several tax and balance sheet advantages, including:

  • Capital Allowance Tax relief
  • Zero liability on balance sheet
  • Fixed interest rates
  • R&D capitalisation and rebates

Here are the benefits to a lease hire and lease purchase:  

Lease hire

With a lease hire, you hire brand new containerised odour control plant over a fixed-term lease period, usually two to four years.

You don’t own the plant or build up any equity in it, nor do you have the option to buy the plant. In return, you benefit from significantly lower monthly payments (you basically pay to use it) and have the ability to upgrade your plant regularly.  We also service and maintain the plant for the duration of the lease hire.

A lease hire is particularly suited to our containerised solutions because of the ‘plug and play’ nature of them. You can hire the containers you need and add extra containers when you need them to take control of your industrial odours.

Who is it for?

A lease hire is great for companies that require new odour control plant but want lower payments. Lease hires have lower payments because you do not pay the depreciation on the equipment. You pay to use it.  

Because of the temporary nature of lease hires, companies that wish to regularly upgrade will find this finance facility most useful. It enables regular upgrades – an important benefit since odour control technologies advance rapidly.  

With a lease hire you pay to use the plant over a period of time. You do not pay off anywhere near the total equipment value so equity in the plant stays with the lessor (us). You benefit from lower payments and shorter hire periods in return.

Lease purchase

With a lease purchase, you rent to buy, spreading the cost of the plant with monthly payments and a final payment to suit your needs.

You will own the plant at the end of your lease purchase agreement once you have made the final payment. At this point, you will own the plant. During the leasing period, we will own the plant and you will rent it from us. We also service and maintain the plant for the duration of the lease purchase period.

A lease purchase is well-suited to our plug and play containerised solutions because it allows you to invest using your CAPEX or OPEX budget.

Who is it for?

A lease purchase is great for companies that intend to own their odour control plant. This would be necessary with a custom or bespoke odour control solution. It allows you to build up equity and invest in an asset for your business.

Lease hire agreements are extremely flexible with regards to payments, with the ability to configure the initial payment, monthly payments, and final payment to suit your needs. This makes it an excellent alternative to traditional finance.

Since you will own the equipment at the end of your agreement, you also have access to a wider range of specification options. We can build custom solutions based on standardised plant for complex and large-scale odour control requirements.

To find out more about our finance facilities get in touch for a chat.