LavaRok® Biofiltration

OSIL LavaRok systems are biological filters using pumice stone as support material on which the micro-organisms grow in the form of a thin bio-film.

The bacteria are key to the performance of the system. Years of empirical research, including live pilot trials and full scale studies have allowed us to optimise the strains of bacteria used for various applications.

We work closely with our microbiology partners at the school of applied sciences at Wolverhampton University and Biosystems Europe to ensure that we always have the best combination of bacteria and the correct nutrient supplements (if required) for our wide ranging projects.

 LavaRok Biofiltration

Why LavaRok® Biofiltration?

  • Very Low Maintenance.
  • Low Running Costs.
  • 25-year Operational Life.
  • High Performance.
  • Non-Hazardous By-Product.
  • Versatile Contaminant
  • High Porosity.
  • High Pour Volume.
  • Excellent Liquor Retention.