Environment Conditioning
Engineering a Breath of Fresh Air

Environment Conditioning

Safeguarding personnel and enhancing working conditions is an increasing requirement across industry, particularly in ‘dirty’ environments such as large waste reception facilities. Provide a safe and comfortable workplace by working with OSIL’s industry experts for Environment Conditioning.

OSIL’s expertise is focused on delivering the required number of air changes per hour to keep the working atmosphere purified to the required/specified degree.

Shanks Waste Management - Osil

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Find out how OSIL, as strategic partners, delivered a major waste to energy scheme for Shanks Waste Management using an innovative pilot plant project.

Our offering includes:

  • An end-to-end solution.
  • Containment, conveyance and treatment.
  • Full capability to undertake survey work, including smoke testing and verification of environmental conditions before and after.

OSIL places great emphasis on providing an acceptable working environment with proven tangible benefits for your workforce.