Mogden SAS Odour Control Systems

What’s the problem?

Provide a system to remove odours produced by the newly constructed Surplus Activated Sludge Thickening System at Mogden Sewage Treatment Works.


How did you approach the challenge?

OSIL designed and manufactured a CuCarb® Odour Control System including fans, ductwork, exhaust stack, local control panel, instrumentation along with connecting ductwork and supports to 6 (Six) gravity belt thickener machines inside the new SAS building.

The challenge was designing a simple system that could overcome the difficult space requirements within the SAS building.

Delivering the Solution

Whilst the installation of the Odour Control Unit was straightforward due to OSIL’s vast experience in this area, installation of the internal ducting proved more of a challenge as ducting had to be installed above installed tanks at a high level with limited space to manoeuvre.  The solution was to erect mobile access towers/ladder system to allow easy and safe access. OSIL sought the expertise of GAP Hire Group who undertook a site survey with OSIL to determine a safe & practical solution for access to the odour control connection points on top of the Gravity Belt Thickeners.

After installation