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Client: Imtech Processes Ltd, United Utilities

Workington Waste Water Treatment Works

Odour Ducting System

Project Description

Odour Services International Ltd were invited to provide an odour ducting system to extract hazardous fumes from a newly erected lime sludge blending tank, a cake silo and vehicle loading tunnel. The project also included the modification and upgrade of an existing three stage chemical scrubbing system.

The system was designed to treat an airflow of 18,535 m³/h

OSIL Scope

Design, supply, installation and commission an odour ducting system for new limed sludge blending tanks, a cake loading silo and tanker loading tunnel. This included the replacement of the mist eliminator, distributor and packing on an existing chemical scrubber, which was also converted from sulphuric acid to caustic hypochlorite . The project also required the removal of an acid storage tank. Once installed, the new equipment was fully commissioned which included the system being balanced.

Project Duration: 39 weeks

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