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OSIL Change Carbon & Cockle Shell Media at Various Sites For Wessex Water

Thankfully there were no storms in sight this year, as OSIL carried out the Carbon & Cockle Shell Media Replacement Contract at various sites within Wessex Water.

As a result of the existing media’s declined adsorption capacity, the media was in urgent need of replacement.

OSIL removed the existing Cockle Shell media from the Biofilter housing unit using a Disab, the current unit housings were inspected, new mesh netting was laid above the plenum floor and anti-tracking membrane installed around the biofilter housing. OSIL then refilled the Biofilter with new Cockle Shell media using a Hiab to evenly spread the shells in the Biofilter.

In addition to the Cockle Shell media change, our team of engineers carried out several carbon media changes. This involved removal of the existing activated carbon with the aid of a Disab unit and then using a Hiab to refill our CuCarb® media into the existing Carbon Filter Housings.

The old Cockle Shell media was transferred to a composting facility where it is taken through a compositing operation with the final product taken down to clay pits and used as regeneration compost. The activated carbon was transported to our recycling centre for regeneration. The Environment is extremely important to OSIL and we are pleased to report that the impact of these media replacements on the Environment was very low.

Now that the new media has been installed, the Odour Control systems have been returned to their original operational design capabilities.